SDKA North America

A Manhattan based merchant bank, SDKA NAM specializes in advising and investing in the high growth sectors of technology, finance, media, e-commerce, digital assets, as well as new and emerging asset classes.

We are a trusted, client needs-driven partner that offers best-in-class service, insights and financial solutions to meet the evolving day to day needs of our corporate, institutional and individual clients. Our commitment to our clients helps them exceed their long-term objectives.

We achieve this by filtering out traditional asset class investments in favor of alternative strategies, which allows us to identify and isolate those alternative investments which matter most, creating value by implementing disruptive ideas that stand up to rigorous testing.

SDKA North America has a deep understanding of the markets in which we operate. We maintain resilience and flexibility in order to adapt operations to the prevailing market conditions. Financial strength is built upon cost and capital efficiency.

We tailor solutions for our clients across an extensive range of sectors and sub-sectors strategically focused on advising and investing. This has made us leaders in alternative strategies, which is why investors seek our expertise in meeting their financial needs.

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